太极拳英文 基本术语

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动作/招式/招术 movement/action
对立统一 the unity of opposites 
对立与统一 contradition and unfication;unity of the opposites
耳提面命 whispering into disciples’ ears and  talking face to face
发劲 discharging force
法道修身 self-cultivation with Tao
法道治国 state-governing by Tao
反者道之动,弱者道之用 The application of Dao is using mildness rather than violence, softness rather than hardness
非圆即弧 either circle or arc
刚柔相济 combining hardness with softness
根于脚,主宰于腰,行于手指 rooting with feet, leading with waist, and moving with fingers
弓步 n.bow stance; v.lunge forward
功夫 Gongfu; Kungfu;fighting art;fighting skills
攻防  attack and defense; offense and defense
攻防搏击 offensive and defensive fighting
贯串之意 Yi of permeating
国术馆 National Martial Arts Gyms
含胸拔背 contracting the chest and lengthening the back
合中有开 closing with opening
后发制人 striking only after being struck
呼、发、伸、进、起、仰、往、出、放、打、击、刚、动、实、开、升、上、左 breathing out, attacking, extending, advancing, raising, facing upward, going, sending, releasing, hitting,striking, hardness, moving, solidness, opening, lifting, ascending,turning left
呼与吸 breathing out and breathing in
化劲 dispersing force
技击术 art of attack and defense
节节贯串 joints’ coordinating
借力打力 transforming the coming force to attack the opponent
劲整 integrating force
经络  Jingluo (main and collateral channels)
经络中通行的气  Qi (air) in Jingluo 
精神 mind
静中寓动 motion with /in stillness
卷(蓄)与放 storing and discharging
开胯屈膝 separating the thighs and bending the knees
开与合 opening and closing
开中有合 opening with closing
快与慢 rapidness and slowness
老子学说 Laozi’s Doctrines
砺练品格 morality training
练劲 building up power
练巧 mastering techniques
练顺 smoothing out the frame
螺旋 volution
螺旋缠绕 spiral enwinding
落点(劲点) attacking points (positions)
门规戒条 doctrines, regulations and restrictions
内不动,外不发 no internal Yi (mind), no external movements
内劲 Neijin (inner power)
内劲潜换 inner power exchanging
内气 Neiqi  (inner air)
内外皆修 internal and external cultivation
内外统一 uniting mind with body
偏心距 eccentric distance
平和安静,谦和大度,博爱真诚,感恩包容 gentleness and peace, modesty and generosity, love and sincerity, gratitude and tolerance
平心静气 calming mind
气沉丹田 Qi Chen Dantian (storing qi in the pubic region)
气敛 Storing Qi (spirit;air)
牵一发而动全身 a slight move in one part may affect the whole situation
乾坤 Qiankun (heaven and earth, the universe)
强身健体 body building and physical fitness
窍 aperture
轻灵 agile
轻与沉 lightness and heaviness
全国武术锦标赛  Championship of National Martial Arts
拳法 boxing method
拳理 boxing theory
拳式 movement
拳姿 boxing posture
人不犯我、我不犯人、人若犯我、我必犯人 We will not attack unless we are attacked; if we are attacked, we will certainly counterattack.
柔与刚 softness and hardness
儒雅端庄 refined and dignified
散手 San Shou (free sparring)
上下相随 the harmony between the upper and lower body
舍己从人 giving up one’s own to accept the widely-accepted one
身心双修 physical and spiritual cultivation
神 Shen (concentration of the mind)
神聚 concentrating the attention
神明 sprirtual illumination
十大文化脉系 ten major regional cultures
十三势 Thirteen (13) Postures
收敛入骨 storing in the body
疏通经络 activating channels
四两拨千斤 defeating the strong with little effort
松静自然 being natural, relaxed and quiet
松柔缓慢 soft and slow
松腰圆裆 relaxing the waist and separating the thighs
宋明理学 Neo-Confucianism
太极拳 Taijiquan;Tai Ji Quan;Tai Chi;Taiji boxing;Shadow boxing
太极拳圣地 Hometown of Taijiquan
太极拳小架子 the small frame of Taijiquan
太极图  Taiji Diagram
陶冶情操 molding character
套路 routine
体育运动学 sports and kinematics
天地与我并生,万物与我为一。 The nature lives with me in symbiosis, and everything is with me as a whole.
天人合一 Tian Ren He Yi (harmony between Man and Nature )
听劲 judging the opponent’s force
推手 Tui Shou (pushing hands)
唯物辩证 Dialectical Materialism
尾闾 Wei Lv( acupoint; tailbone) 
未老先防 anti-aging prevention before growing old
温文尔雅 gentle and elegant
文化内涵 cultural connotations
文静自然 quiet and natural
文拳 Wenquan (Boxing of Thoughts)
文武兼修 adept with pen and sword
文追鸿儒,痴迷拳术  versed in polite letters and obsessed with martial arts
无过不及,不偏不倚 no excess, no deficiency 
无为而为;无为而治 actionless governance doing nothing that goes against nature
五阴并五阳 half Yin and half Yang
五趾抓地 feet grasping the ground
武术 martial arts; wushu  
物极必反 Extremes Meet
吸、蓄、屈、退、落、俯、来、入、收、化、引、柔、静、虚、合、降、下、右 breathing in, storing, bending, retreating, dropping, leaning, coming, entering, holding, dispersing, guiding, softness, quietness, emptiness, closing, falling,descending, turning right
先天气 Xiantianqi (congenital air)
行云流水 flowing clouds and running water
形神共养 cultivating both the mind and the body
形神皆备 spirit and appearance likeness
修身养性 self-cultivation
虚领顶劲 erecting the head and relaxing the neck; erecting the head and neck naturally
虚其心,实其腹 emptying one’s mind and filling one’s stomach
虚实 Xu Shi;voidness and solidness;emptiness and solidness
旋踝转腿 rotating the ankles and legs
旋腕转膀 rotating the wrists and shoulders
旋腰转脊 rotating the waist and back
穴 acupoints
延年益寿 keeping longer longevity;longevity prolonging
养生术 science of health preserving
一静一动 stillness and motion
一开一合 opening and closing
一招不慎全盘皆输 one careless move loses the whole game
以静制动 coping with all motions by remaining motionless
以柔克刚 overcoming hardness with softness
以弱胜强 conquering strength with weakness
以退为进 retreating in order to advance
以武载道 incorporating cultural elements into martial arts
以小力胜大力 defeating the strong with little effort; conquering strength with weakness
以意导动 conducting movements with Yi
意 Yi (mind)
阴阳 Yin and Yang; Yin-Yang;Yin/Yang
阴阳互根 Yin and Yang rooting in each other
阴阳相济 Yin and Yang assisting each other;Yin and Yang existing; Yin and Yang  existing together
阴阳学说 Yin-Yang Theory
用法之意 Yi of directions
用意 using Yi 
元气 Yuanqi (vitality)
原始道家 the original Taoism
原始儒家 the original Confucianism
圆活饱满 softness and fullness
圆与方 circle and square
沾连粘随 Zhan Lian Nian Sui (touching, sticking, adhering and following)
哲拳 Zhequan (Boxing of Philosophy)
正气 Zhengqi (pure air)
致虚极,守静笃 finding rest and peace, and feeling ease
中国传统医学 TCM;traditional Chinese medicine
中国佛学 Chinese Buddhism
中国古典哲学 Chinese classical philosophy
中气 Zhongqi (air in internal organs)
中正和谐 Harmony and Perfection
中正之说 Notion of Zhong and Zheng (Harmony and Perfection)
着熟 be skilled
姿势 posture
自强不息 endless and tireless;constantly strive to be stronger;make unceasing efforts to improve oneself


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